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Immopro24 - developed by property experts for the European real estate sector.
The marketing of commercial real estate follows laws of its own. We, at Immopro24, are aware of this fact. Our website is conceived for the specific requirements of the B2B sector.

Whether in the German commercial real estate business in Munich, Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Chemnitz, Düsseldorf, Colon, Neuss, Frankfurt or Stuttgart, with Immopro24 you will reach the decision makers. In our core markets of Germany or Spain, we deal in the respective languages.

Our specialisation in commercial real estate listings and commercial real estate News and commercial real estate market reports such as office space, storage space buildings, logistics space, logistics properties, shop space, hotels, etc. ensures the efficient localisation and commercialising of your business property. With Immopro24 your enquiries will reach real estate professionals and real estate agents from real estate companies exclusively. We do not deal with the B2C sector such as single flats, villas, detached houses etc.




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